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Men's CARGO Shorts in Super-Soft Washed Cotton: Tall & Short Men's Sizes you need, with the comfort & convenience of Cargos you love A First in Men's Fashion:  Premium Denim in a True Proportioned Fit for Tall Men of slim, average or athletic builds (ie. Not "Big").  Every detail was considered by ForTheFit's design team in designing and proportioning the perfect Tall men's jean. a EXCLUSIVE:  Men's 100% Cotton Jersey Open Bottom Athletic Pant in Short Men's & Tall Men's Sizes, Inseams 27"-37"- 4 COLORS
Men's Washable Wool Flat Front Dress Trouser, Short Rise- 4 Colors Available First in Men's Fashion:  Premium Denim in True Proportioned Fits for Tall Men of slim, average or athletic builds (ie. Not "Big").  Every detail was considered by ForTheFit's design team in crafting the perfect Tall men's jean. A First in Men's Fashion:  Premium Denim in a True Short Rise and Short Inseam.  To the minutest detail, this pant was designed and proportioned specifically for the shorter man by ForTheFit's own design experts.

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"At 6'9", I've never found a pair of pants that fit like these from anyone other than a custom made pair @ 4X the money. Thanks SO much. What a rare find."
Scott S. TN

"Surprise! Well worth it, feels great and fits like pants should fit for a short, 5 foot 9 inch guy who spends lots of money on alterations or looks that are long in the crouch. Thanks for thinking of us short men."
J.S. Inverness, FL

"Great site for the small in height and have been looking for something like this a long time. Very excited to shop more! Will continue to use For the Fit again and again."
James & Mary Kay Foster. Tinley Park, IL

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! As the wife of a vertically challenged guy who wants to wear great looking clothes, you guys are a godsend. Yay, wishing your team all the success you deserve for recognizing an underserved market and filling those needs."
Danielle S. TX.

"I'm so glad you folks are around, both as a supplier of merchandise and as a support for us 30 million. Keep up the good work."
Rex. West Lafayette, IN

"For the Fit has a great selection of high quality clothing for short and trim men. Their customer service is also excellent. Orders are shipped and received when expected, and they respond to e-mail communications promptly. They are a terrific merchant that satisfies a niche in the market."
Fred Minardi. San Francisco, CA

"The pants I ordered fit perfectly out of the box. At my height, I usually have to get everything altered. Shipping pants the right length is cheaper than having them altered after the fact. And, you don't have to make extra trips!"
Greg Cason. Orlando, FL

"This is a wonderful product for the shorter man. I had been searching in vain for quite sometime and happened on this wonderful site,, while searching the Internet. I immediately ordered 2 pairs of pants and my husband was so pleased with the fit and quality of them he had me order several more pairs. This is the only place we will shop for his pants from now on."
Mr & Mrs Robert Letourneau. Orlando FL

A Little Bit About For The Fit

Stylish, well-fitting, comfortable clothes inspire confidence. For the Fit, Inc. was founded by a couple of folks who recognized that not every body had equal access to such clothes- but everybody should.

We found that for those who are not an "average size" (and who is?) shopping was a chore and often fruitless. How did we figure this out? We're not average sizes ourselves and we got tired of running from store to store, only to wind up at the tailor for alterations anyway.

So, we launched in 2005. Today, is the premier and largest U.S. clothing retailer for hard-to-find sizes, including: short men's clothing for men 5 feet 9 inches and under and Tall men's clothing sizes (including Tall & Trim and Tall & Slim, not just Big & Tall!)

Our designer tall and short men's clothing store is FIRST IN FIT and comfort for men of hard-to-find sizes. Our in-house fashion designers and stylists, wardrobe consultants, tailors, and product development team are constantly improving patterns to deliver our customers the best in comfortable and stylish designer menswear in proportioned fits for tall men and short men's sizes alike.

Making Customers Part Of The Process

We also never forget to include our customers in the design and development process. Their comments, feedback and collaboration have been instrumental in developing our exclusive patterns - like our Jack Jean (an industry FIRST - the first ever denim jeans for short men and for tall men - designed and proportioned for a perfect fit , from inception, to the last detail).

Our proportioned fit short men's denim jeans (pants featuring short rise and short inseam) and likewise our tall men's denim jeans (pant featuring tall rise and extra-long length sizes) have been a customer favorite since their launch in 2010.

As a result, our online men's clothing store offers the largest range of men's clothing sizes in the United States and Internationally, including designer short men's clothing sizes for men up to 5 feet 9 inchesť tall and also tall men's clothing sizes. We offer both Tall and Short Men's Clothes in sizes ranging from extra-slim to Big (up to XXL) because we recognize that every body is different, but everybody has a right to look and feel amazing in their clothes.

No one has a wider selection of sizes in tailored and casual menswear, online, in-store or otherwise. Period.

All Styles For All Shapes & Sizes

Tired of seeking alterations to shorten trousers because you just can't find clothes for short men? Are you Tall or Extra-Tall, but not necessarily "Big"? We find, source, design and manufacture the best tall and short men's clothes in a range of sizes, styles, and cuts to best fit non-standard sizes.

Casual or Dress, Suits to Sweat pants - we offer trousers, pants, and denim in short rise and short inseam styles, shorter lengths, long lengths, tall and extra-tall inseams and regular and low rise styles. Dress and casual shirts, polos and outerwear are available in sizes from Men's Extra-Small and in proportioned sizes for a better overall fit. Jeans, pants and sweatpants for tall men. short men's pants or short men's sweatpants and even tall and short men's pajamas - they are all available here for you.

Need to learn about proportioned sizes, how to identify your correct size, low-rise versus short rise, how to get a proper fit or hem length from your pants? Just check our Blog. Fit can make all the difference in how you look and feel in your clothes. For the Fit, Inc. wants to make the difference for you.

Questions? Need Help?

Thank you for being our guest at We look forward to serving you. With questions or feedback, please send us an e-mail at or check out our FAQ page. We love to hear from you!

Finally, please Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter (@ForTheFit) to stay up to date on the latest in men's proportioned fit fashion for Tall and Short sizes. For up to the minute info on New Arrivals and any available discounts, please add your name to our mailing list using the box at the left.

We look forward to serving you,

Consuelo Bova