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Low Rise Vs Short Rise Trousers – What’s The Difference?

By |2018-03-29T08:48:42-06:00March 26th, 2018|Size & Fit|

I get this question (or some version of it) all the time: I bought low-rise jeans and they were HUGE on my waist- I measured them and they were INCHES bigger than the labeled size. What gives? and why should I consider short rise, then anyway? So I figured now would be as good a [...]

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Our 2016 Holiday Season Shipping Deadlines

By |2016-12-13T22:10:46-06:00November 23rd, 2016|Size & Fit|

It's that time of year again! The holidays will soon be upon us. If you want to have your gifts safely wrapped and under the tree on time for Christmas Day, please read through the holiday deadlines below to see which will be the most suitable shipping option for you. Receive Orders for Christmas 2016 International [...]

Jeans…Nice fit, but too long? Good length, but too tight? The frustration ends here

By |2016-08-08T08:52:36-06:00April 20th, 2016|Size & Fit|

Jeans are a staple of every man’s closet. They’re versatile. They can be dressed up or down with very little effort and, most importantly, they’re extremely comfortable to wear.  Just as easily donned for a baseball game as on a date, or just for lounging around the house on weekends.  Easy, right?  Except for the [...]

If You Liked Our Old Trouser Styles…

By |2016-08-08T08:52:36-06:00February 19th, 2016|Size & Fit|

You will love our new selection of pants. We’ve taken all the best features of our older styles and made them even better! Our pants have had a bit of rebrand with new names and an even better fit. We worked with designers to create the pants our customers asked for. But they weren’t just [...]

Expert advice for men who don’t follow fashion or trends

By |2016-08-08T08:52:36-06:00January 29th, 2016|Clothing & Life Hacks, Size & Fit, Style Guide|

We’ve heard from many of you that you feel your style could use a little boost, but fashion magazines and articles can make you feel a little overwhelmed.  So, we reached out to the experts to gather their #1 piece of fashion advice  to help you get your fashion game in gear!  Plain and simple: easy [...]

How to wear your scarf with style

By |2016-08-08T08:52:37-06:00December 14th, 2015|On Trend, Size & Fit|

When the temperature drops, it’s important to ensure that you’ve got the right clothing at hand. And no, I’m not talking about super soft pajamas so you can retreat from the outside world altogether and curl up on the sofa. Occasionally, at least, we all have to venture out into the elements, no matter how [...]

8 signs your clothes don’t fit right (for shorter men)

By |2016-08-08T08:52:37-06:00August 4th, 2015|Size & Fit|

Sometimes you just can’t put your finger on it – something doesn’t feel right with this or that outfit, but you aren’t sure what… After my post on signs your clothes don’t fit right for taller men was so popular, I felt it only fair that I write another post for the shorter guys out [...]

What does a Good Tailor do For Your Wardrobe?

By |2016-08-08T08:52:37-06:00July 23rd, 2015|Size & Fit|

Ask not what a good tailor can do for you... Ask what you can do for your tailoring Everyone knows that impeccably custom-tailored clothes look great – just one glance at celebrities on the red carpet can tell us that. Unfortunately, many assume that a tailor comes with a celebrity price tag, so they probably [...]

11 Signs Your Clothes Don’t Fit Right (For Taller Men)

By |2016-08-08T08:52:37-06:00June 16th, 2015|Size & Fit|

In my opinion, every guy deserves to look and feel great in his clothes. But for taller men, it's often tough to find clothing that fits properly. Consequently you can buy the same outfit you saw in a magazine or on a mannequin at the store, but it just doesn't look the same on you. [...]

Getting to Great Lengths: The Truth About Hems

By |2016-08-08T08:52:37-06:00September 17th, 2014|Size & Fit|

In a world where perception is so often reality - how you look goes a long way to establishing who you are (at least in the eyes of others). Indeed, who "wears the pants" in a situation may depend on whose pants look best. There is a proper length at which pants should be hemmed. [...]