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Jeans…Nice fit, but too long? Good length, but too tight? The frustration ends here

Jeans are a staple of every man’s closet. They’re versatile. They can be dressed up or down with very little effort and, most importantly, they’re extremely comfortable to wear.  Just as easily donned for a baseball game as on a date, or just for lounging around the house on weekends.  Easy, right?  Except for the process of finding that perfect-fitting pair!  For many of us, finding a pair of well-fitting jeans can seem to like  mission impossible

The problem

Imagine the following scenario. You have a date coming up in the next few days, and you’re looking for the perfect pair of jeans online. You place your order, groan in dismay as the funds leave your checking account and then wait (im)patiently for their arrival. The big day arrives and lucky for you, the jeans are waiting for you in your mailbox, ready to work their magic and help you secure a second date, right? Wrong. The sizing is completely off. They’re tight on the thighs but loose around the ankles, and not in a good way. You’ll never be able to leave the house in them- mostly because of the trail of denim which cascades over your shoe as you walk. Don’t even ask about the fit. Wrong. What on earth do you do in such a situation? jeans


I think it’s safe to say, in one way or another, that we’ve all suffered through the struggle of finding the perfect pair of denim jeans. Skinny fit? Straight leg? Bootleg cut? What’s the difference? Men’s Health Magazine has done a good job of explaining the different types of jeans in this article, but quite frankly, style isn’t generally the issue.  Most of us are looking for a pair that fit both lengthwise and on my waist. Is that really too much to ask? Finding this ‘perfect’ pair of jeans is even more difficult for men who are taller or shorter than what the fashion industry considers the ‘norm’. Jeans designed with shorter men in mind tend to assume that their waist size corresponds almost directly with their height. The same can be said for those men who are taller. Frustratingly. Believe it or not, such a thing as a tall and skinny man exists in this world, just as a shorter man with a larger waist also exists. In failing to accommodate for men of different builds and statures, a massive gap in the market has emerged.

How do we find a solution to this problem?

The solution actually seems relatively simple. How difficult would it be to design a pair of jeans which takes two things into consideration- height and waist size? Really there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ man anyway… It’s unreasonable to assume that two men, both 6’ tall, are going to have exactly the same build as one another. Jeans should be designed with these considerations in mind. Both leg length and waist size should be taken into consideration during the design process. Doing so allows for the perfect pair of jeans, suited to every single individual customer. Great fitting clothes should be a given, not a fluke. Say goodbye to the pairs of jeans which fit perfectly on the hips, but are 3 inches too short on the leg! Say goodbye to jeans which fit like a dream lengthways, but run the risk of causing a hernia because of the significant lack of room around your midriff! And say hello to stylish, affordable jeans which fit exactly the way you want them to. jeans2

The solution – easy stuff!

It’s really easy to take something as simple as a well-fitting pair of jeans for granted- perhaps you’ve personally never had the need to buy jeans to fit a particular body type. Perhaps you’ve lost a bit of weight recently. Suffice to say, losing weight doesn’t alter your height in the slightest. Now you have the issue of being a tall man with a smaller than average waist size. The same goes when you consider the opposite direction. Maybe you’ve put on a few pounds over the Thanksgiving and winter holidays and your current jeans are way too tight. As a man who’s on the shorter side, you know you’re going to struggle finding something that’ll fit you properly, for a reasonable price. There is an answer to this problem as well and it’s easier than other brands would have you believe. How do you possibly accommodate for this change? Where do you go? Look no further. We have you covered. Our ForTheFit.com line of denim jeans have been the go-to denim solution for men to find sizes since they were launched in 2012 (first in the industry!).  Perfectly proportioned in both tall and short men’s versions- we’ve adjusted for rise, as well as seemingly small (but super important) details like pocket size and placement.  Did you know that the size and placement of a pocket in relation to your bum affects how the latter looks in your jeans? Ours are sized proportionate to the man (tall or short) and placed for an optimal, (ahem)…”rear-view”… You’re welcome. With a near limitless range of waist and inseam combinations, you will find your perfect size, too. You shouldn’t have to change your build to accommodate fashion brands; fashion brands should be changing their designs to accommodate your different builds. That is exactly what the team here at ForTheFit.com succeeds in doing, putting customers and their needs first in an affordable yet fashionable way.

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