We’re pretty lucky at For the Fit because we have a really lovely bunch of customers who are really happy with our service and who truly appreciate what we do. There’s nothing quite as nice as a happy customer telling you how much they like what you’re doing, so you’ll have to forgive us for blowing our trumpets about it.

Below, we have put a few of our favorite testimonials for you to have a read through, we sincerely hope that they will convince you to give us a try and to forever change how you shop for clothes!

I received my first order today. 2 pair of athletic pants. Both fit perfectly. I can't tell you how pleased I am. At 5'6, trying to buy anyting in the way of pants for me is an exercise in total frustration. Athletic pants are the absolute worst. Always way too long in the stores. You guys shipped my order promptly and I received it within 2 business day. But the key point is that I got pants that fit right out of the box with no expensive tailoring or looking like a munchkin with trousers so long that I will have to walk the extra length off of them. I am glad you guys are out there.
Steven Allen

I just received my first purchase from you, a polo shirt. Look’s like I’ll be ordering more clothes in the future. Thanks

Thank you so much! You all rock!
Jean C.

Thank you so much! I’m thinking an additional 4 pair should hold him ... your price on the pants is very reasonable to be able to do this. ...My Dad loves your pants and has been so comfortable in them. Thank you again for all your help! It is always a pleasure doing business with you!
Robyn S. Nenninger

I just found you, by accident, when searching the internet for sweatpants for short men. I just placed my first order and am looking forward to receiving my items (okay, yeah, I ended up ordering more than just sweatpants!). Thanks for being there for us non-tall customers.
Craig W.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your quick reply ... YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME

Thanks for your help. I enjoy your clothing and didn't want to miss this product. Thanks again. You are awesome!!
D. Walter

Thank you so much. My son plays endless games of basketball and will be playing in the NYBL league around the country this year. I will be spreading the word about your product and the service I have received to all that are in the same boat I have been in for years. We will proudly wear your product.
Sandra Loveday

Will do. Thanks again and let me say thanks from my 6'10 twin nephews finding clothes for them that fit has been a task and they love the jeans!!
A Jackson

We were so excited to see that someone FINALLY has athletic pants for skinny tall young men. We recently ordered a pair in black and my son loves them! They fit him to a T! Thanks so much!!! WE LOVE FOR THE FIT!!!!!
Heidi Schmit

thank you! I ordered the style of 'wind-pants' that were black with a white bead down the side. I get to wear them to work every day... Love the company! Love the clothes. Hope you will be able to keep a steady line of athletic pants. Thanks for making me comfortable, and looking good (well, at least as good as I can look). Thanks again!
T. VanDeberghe

Yay thanks. ...I have a very tall 6'6 (38 length) and thin (waist 33) son... who is beginning to enter the workforce in Savannah and needs nicer slacks such as chinos! Make more! And make more colors! I will buy them all!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!
L. Spring

Received pair today and they fit perfectly. Thanks for making things right without a headache. Repeat customer for sure. Thanks!
D. Aubie

I really like the fit of the Jack line from ForTheFit- can't wait for more stock to arrive. In the past I’ve worn Wranglers and Stetson (I feel like I’ve gone to Omar the Tent-Maker for my jeans when I buy Stetson), but the fit of the Jack Jeans is superb.
Neil R

As the mother of a 6 foot five 15 year old boy it is wonderful to finally find a place I can order him athletic pants that are not too short! Many thanks!!!
Robert/AnneMarie Algier

I love this site...I have a son who is 6ft 5 1/2 tall but that is really thin...and the Big and Tall stores merchandise is waaaay too big for him!! I love that he has some pants and shorts that are actually LONG enough!! He is all leg, and has a very long inseam!! Thank You
Kim Fauth

I only recently discovered your brand, ordering the tall navy blue sweatpants 38 inseam. I'd love to win the track pants- those are an item that I've never found that fit me! As a 6'11 and thin man it's impossible to find casual clothes that fit. Even when I do find a retailer it's still tough to find the right fit (usually too big or sleeves or inseam not long enough). I look forward to ordering more items from your site, the sizing, price, and style are great.
Jared Willis

Can't tell you how many hours I've spent trying to find pants and sweats long enough for my husband. Last year I cautiously ordered 2 pairs of sweats. For the first time in his life, they were too long. He has practically lived in them for the last year and they are still in excellent condition. High quality, comfortable and easy! Thank you! thank you!
Amy Henderson

Just a note to say Merry Christmas and how pleased I am with your service. I ordered two pairs of custom sweatpants for my (tall) husband - and how difficult is it to find pants with 38, but you made them!; you sent emails confirming the order promptly; and they arrived on time; and are of excellent quality and fit. Thank you! Thank you very much for making my Christmas shopping easier, Thank you again - my husband really loves these pants - we'll be ordering from you again shortly!
C. C.

We're so happy to be able to order x-long workout pants for our 6' 6 1/2 14 year old son! Keep the new merchandise coming!!

ForTheFit is such a valuable resource for those very-hard-to-fit short and tall people. It is extremely hard to find a business that understands that tall people are not necessarily large-waisted people. Big & Tall sites provide just that, big and tall items. I have a young man who needs a 30W X 40L – so tall and so slender. I’ve spent hours on the internet trying to find pants to fit him. I was extremely happy to find your website. Now I go there first and you are there to solve my problems, offering both jeans and casual pants. I look forward to the addition of dress pants.Your products are of good quality. Shipping and customer service are outstanding...and you answer my email questions promptly. What more could I want? I LOVE the ability to purchase both short and long pants for my clients...So hard to find anywhere. Thank you.
J. Newton

I ordered a pair of the Jersey and I LOVE them! Exactly what I have been looking for (and you can’t believe how long I have been looking for them online and in the local stores). I just bought another pair. I wish you sold via Amazon so I could give you a glowing review and get more tall guys going to your store. You are – quite frankly – the ONLY vendor I have seen who has warmup type pants for guys over 6’4. Keep up the good work! I have you bookmarked and will be shopping with you again. So freaking hard to find tall workout pants. Thank you again for your help and support! Love the fact you help us tall guys out.

Thank you so much for having clothing for very tall and slim men. It is so hard to find my husband athletic wear. You guys are so appreciated!!
M. H.

Overall, I am very pleased with my items (and the fit) and will place another order soon. Thanks for your help and for making clothes that fit. I will be spreading the word to my short friends.

At 6'9, I've never found a pair of pants that fit like these from anyone other than a custom made pair @ 4X the money. Thanks SO much. What a rare find.
Scott S.

Surprise! Well worth it, feels great and fits like pants should fit for a short, 5 foot 9 inch guy who spends lots of money on alterations or looks that are long in the crouch. Thanks for thinking of us short men.

Great site for the small in height and have been looking for something like this a long time. Very excited to shop more! Will continue to use For the Fit again and again.
James & Mary Kay Foster

Thank you, thank you, thank you! As the wife of a vertically challenged guy who wants to wear great looking clothes, you guys are a godsend. Yay, wishing your team all the success you deserve for recognizing an underserved market and filling those needs.
Danielle S.

I'm so glad you folks are around, both as a supplier of merchandise and as a support for us 30 million. Keep up the good work.

For the Fit has a great selection of high quality clothing for short and trim men. Their customer service is also excellent. Orders are shipped and received when expected, and they respond to e-mail communications promptly. They are a terrific merchant that satisfies a niche in the market.
Fred Minardi

The pants I ordered fit perfectly out of the box. At my height, I usually have to get everything altered. Shipping pants the right length is cheaper than having them altered after the fact. And, you don't have to make extra trips!
Greg Cason

This is a wonderful product for the shorter man. I had been searching in vain for quite sometime and happened on this wonderful site, ForTheFit.com, while searching the Internet. I immediately ordered 2 pairs of pants and my husband was so pleased with the fit and quality of them he had me order several more pairs. This is the only place we will shop for his pants from now on.
Mr & Mrs Robert Letourneau