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About FORtheFIT

At FORtheFIT we believe STYLE is for everyBODY. Everyone should be able to buy good looking, well-made clothes that fit them perfectly, regardless of their height, size or body shape. Other stores cater to so-called ‘average’ sizes. Our customers deserve more and better. Since 2005, we have been dedicated to serving men and women of all shapes and sizes.

What Our Customers Think

Finally a place to get 38 inseam!!! Thank you! Order went smooth and delivery was fast. I was so tired of searching, keep the athletic pants coming!
Jenny Berube

My husband is 6' tall, but still needs a short rise pant. (ForTheFit is) the only store that sells them. So, thank you for being there for us.
L. B.

Ordered 2 athletic pants. Both fit perfectly. I can't tell you how pleased I am. At 5'6 ...I got pants that fit right out of the box.
Steven Allen

...reasonable price & my Dad loves your pants and is so comfortable in them. Thanks again for your help! Always a pleasure doing business with you!
Robyn S. Nenninger

...Thanks for being there for us non-tall customers.
Craig W.

My son plays in the NYBL league & I will be spreading the word about your product and great service. We will proudly wear your product.
Sandra Loveday

Thanks again and thanks from my 6'10 twin nephews (finding clothes for them that fit has been a task and they love the jeans!!)
A Jackson

FINALLY! Athletic pants for skinny tall young men. We recently ordered a pair & my son loves them! They fit him to a T! WE LOVE FOR THE FIT!!!!!
Heidi Schmit

Thank you! ...I get to wear (athletic pants) to work every day...Love the company! Love the clothes. Thanks for keeping me comfortable & looking good
T. VanDeberghe

I really like the fit of the Jack line from ForTheFit ... the Jack Jeans are superb.
Neil R

LOVE this site...6ft 6 tall & really thin, so Big and Tall stores are waaaay too big!! ForTheFit has pants and shorts that are LONG enough, but slim
Kim Fauth

At 6'9, I've never found pants that fit like these from anyone other than a custom made pair @ 4X the money. Thanks SO much. What a rare find.
Scott S.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! As the wife of a vertically challenged guy who wants to wear great looking clothes, you guys are a godsend...
Danielle S.

For the Fit has a great selection of high quality clothing for short & trim men. Customer service is excellent.
Fred Minardi

Wonderful product for the shorter man...My husband was so pleased with the fit & quality...This is the only place we'll shop for his pants from now on
Mr & Mrs Robert Letourneau

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